• By Paul
  • March 21, 2018

2018 Is The Year To Sell Your House

2018 Is The Year To Sell Your House

2018 Is The Year To Sell Your House 150 150 Paul

“But Paul, haven’t homes been selling well for multiple years now?” You’re right. They have been and will continue to do so. But the thing is, this seller’s market can’t go on forever. If you’re looking to take advantage of everyone buying up real estate, you’re going to want to do so pretty quickly. 2019 may very well be too late. Here is why 2018 should be your year.

Low Supply:

For years, now, people have been buying up homes left and right. The number of houses for sale has definitely been decreasing because the buying demand is exceeding the sellers’ supply. While this does give you a little bit of an advantage when selling your home, I wouldn’t recommend leaning too heavily on it. A potential buyer may still turn down a purchase because of your unkempt household or shoddy paint job. What this does allow you to do, however, is list your house knowing that you’ll be getting calls almost immediately. People are hungry to buy real estate, and you’ve got the food to feed them.

You May Want To Move:House for Sale

The passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act near the end of last year marked a pretty big change for some people. The Trump Administration’s bill reduced the tax rates for individuals and businesses while limiting tax exemptions when filing. One other thing it did is reduce the deductibles for property taxes. If this were to impact your way of life, it may be time to sell your house and move somewhere the property taxes are a little bit more manageable. This is most likely to apply to you if you live near an affluent school or in a wealthy part of a major city. But hey, on the plus side, this seller’s real estate market makes for the perfect time to move!

All in all, I feel that 2018 is the tipping point for this seller’s market when it comes to real estate. Homes have been selling like hot cakes for years now, and it may soon be time for more people to start selling. Either because that’s the natural way of things, or because people may start seeing the upside of selling real estate right now. Regardless of why, now is your time! Lucky for you, you’re only one click away from the best agency in the area. Don’t waste any more time, every day you wait is another day your house could have sold. I don’t even know how much I’m exaggerating, either.

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